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Bent Chopsticks 101
Bent Chopsticks. The best way to describe my life in a nutshell. Traditionally Asian, uncommon, not fully functional and queer. So bring out the peanuts and pour your self some Iron Buddha cos this is my blog.

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This Month
May. 16th, 2005 @ 07:25 pm Dusting the blog
I'm feeling...: pleasedpleased
What's busting my eardrums: Michael Buble - Dream A Little Dream

Ok. I know I had this coming. I should update my blog more often. I've been absent from my blog for about 4 months. So much has happened since then. I've met, and am currently in a very nice and happy relationship with, a nice guy who I met at Pride March. Yes ladies, this is the first time I'm dating someone I did NOT pick up from the Net. His name is Jaron Ngo. He's Vietnamese and 25 years old. He's also a really sweet and charming guy and I'm his first boyfriend (among other firsts).

These past four months have been wonderfully amazing. I took him out for a picnic at the botanical gardens to celebrate our first month anniversary. First time I did something like that and I was really stressed and nervous as I wanted it to be perfect. I made him a pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, basil leaves and red peppers dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Then for mains I packed white rice with flame grilled fish fillets (from the frozen section... honestly people, do you think I have all the time in the world?) topped off in an oriental tomatoe and garlic sauce. There was also a side of cocktail sausages that were stuffed with rosemary leaves and seasoned with black pepper.

Then I brought him home to my place for the first time and drew him a bath with lavender bath milk and rose scented candles burning on every corner of the tub. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally went to my bedroom and...err...well, we...err...di-...let's just say we did what rabbits do best for the very first time.

A month. I'm even shocked by my patience and ability to restrain myself. Normally, I would have the guys in my bedroom and in...my arms by the end of the first date. I guess his playing hard to get made me even more drawn to him.

Well, we recently celebrated our 3 months together and next week I'll be attending my first ever Vietnamese wedding. A friend of his is getting married and I've been invited along. I can barely wait. I'm so excited.

Here's a pic of us that I took with my mobile phone during the picnic.

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Feb. 12th, 2005 @ 10:35 am I'm busy with exams
I'm feeling...: exhaustedexhausted
What's busting my eardrums: Wynonna - Burning Love

I've been asked about why this blog hasn't been updated and i would like to explain that i'm having my exams soon and i'm just too busy to update this blog. but here's a recap of my past few weeks:

  • went for Pride March
  • met some new friends there
  • broke up with Alex due to distance
  • we are still friends but i feel bad about breaking him on such circumstances
  • started dating with one of my new friends
  • his name is Jaron (from Vietnam)
  • no, we have not had sex yet
  • yes, it's a first for me
  • started to mend some burnt bridges with Arthur (bi-sexual Student Union President)
  • had a little tiff with Albert about Pride March and what it stood for (he can be so analytical...not that it's a bad thing, but you really need to be in the mood to stand it)
  • collected back some money from my housemate
  • found out how shallow he can be. Everything's so sugar coated for him
  • cramming for studies
  • Midsumma gay and lesbian carnival on Sunday (must finish studying before then)
  • Nicola is down here for her studies (yay!)
  • i suck at Kingdom Hearts
  • speaking of sucking, the tickle in my throat for the past few weeks is from a minor STI that i got from...err...sucking.
  • antibiotics should cure it, but i think my doctor forgot I'm allergic to penicillin so i have to wait till she's back from holiday
  • I'm going to the sold out Kylie concert in Melbourne! (greatest hits show with songs from the 80's...fun much!)
  • had CNY dinner with close fag hag, Fay, at some new restaurant in Frankston.
  • had rump. That cow must have had some ass to be so tough. Need the name of its trainer :P

Ok, that's my life these past few weeks. Happy Year of the Cock people. Wish me luck on my exams.


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Me dog 2004
Jan. 15th, 2005 @ 12:41 am Alternative Lifestyles???
I'm feeling...: crankycranky
What's busting my eardrums: Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing

I was just trying to get a geocities site up so I can have a place to hold my pics for future blogs… and they asked me to pic a topic for the website. Does gay fall under alternative lifestyle? That’s such a politically correct way of saying non-hetero and non-normal. Is there such a thing as non-normal? They say that everyone is unique…different from each other… so is there any real alternative lifestyle?


Oh yeah, before I forget… I found out from the Net that there is a research that says that men who are gay are actually genetically gay. Now, I know although nothing is conclusive yet, but the whole thing is pretty amazing. I mean no one can say that we are sinners and all that other religious stuff. Mother Nature made us gay, darling! Coincidentally, it’s believed that the mother is the one that passes the gay gene (thanks mom!). It seems that the results in the research of the Xq28 gene, that’s what they’re calling it for now, shows that majority of the gay men have a similarity of having biological mothers who have more sisters than brothers. This gene only appears in gay men and majority of the test subjects actually have this gene.


The bad part about this discovery is that people could start testing job applicants to see if they are gay. It could lead to a new level of discrimination towards gay men. Worse, it could lead to medical research to “cure” the gay gene. It’ll be like that movie, Gaticca. This is bad…


It’s kind of a cache-22. If we don’t prove it’s natural, we get religious and other groups saying we’re sinners. If we do, there will be idiots trying to “cure” the gay problem.


I hate these situations. I'm going back to my comics... less head f^&cking that way.


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Jan. 14th, 2005 @ 04:22 pm Out in the sun...
I'm feeling...: relaxedrelaxed
What's busting my eardrums: Madonna - Express Yourself

This is so cliché. It’s a nice weather today. So, being me, I‘ve decided not to go out (since I hate crowds). Instead, I’m sitting out in the yard on a newly vacuumed sun chair (look ma, no cobwebs!) enjoying the sounds of my MP3 player and the joys of wireless Internet.


I hate wires. They’re long, messy and always get tangled. That’s why I’ve got these new nifty headphones (sorry, no picture yet). They’re from JVC. It’s called the HA-E300 and the reason why I think they’re great is that they have in-built retractable cords. No more tangles :)


Geez…my life sounds so boring. I take joy out of a pair of headphones I can only afford by eating ramen noodles for the next five days. Let’s hope things change. I’m going out to Shed 16 tomorrow. First time I’ll be going there on a Saturday. Wonder if it’s any different.


Ok, there has to be something interesting this week. Recap:


Monday – skipped class cos I woke up really late. Insomnia’s not helping the cause either. It’s been 3 days since I’ve managed to sleep at regular hours. Marvin’s flying back today. He’s my only furry friend. He’s in denial about his sexuality. He borders between bisexual to “I screw everything with a hole”-sexual. Don’t ask.


Tuesday – Lunch with Fay. Started talking about the benefits of online shopping. She’s convinced me to get a Visa Debit card. I blame her for future expenses made on ebay.com. I also got my Boost juice priority card. I feel semi-important.


Wednesday – Discovered a new anime called Bleach. Ok, so it’s not that new… 13 episodes in. That’s roughly how long the 80’s classic cartoon Visionaries lasted. Nobody remembers that cartoon except me. Why is that? It’s the one about a post apocalyptic world where modern technology doesn’t exist and people result to magic. And there are these knights that have the power to change into the animal totem on their chest plate…and I sound stupid reminiscing about my childhood cartoons.


Thursday – Got my Visa Debit account set up. Now it’ll just be 4-5 working days to get my card. Yay! Paul’s paid his rent. Double yay! He’s paying me back the money he owes me by instalments. Hope he gives it all back before I see Alex in Sydney again.


Friday – Finished Season 5 of Sex and the City (only 8 episodes???). Nice weather outside. Sitting outside enjoying cold drink, good music, nice breeze and sun while cracking my brains on what to write…



Wait… I just wrote all this. Yay! Problem solved! See you guys at Shed 16 tomorrow.


What should I wear…?



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Jan. 13th, 2005 @ 10:35 pm Random Chat Entry
I'm feeling...: chipperchipper
What's busting my eardrums: Zero 7 - Waiting on the line

Here's a chat log of mine:

<-Richie-> what you watching... porn?

<stcsoo> no i'm watching sex and the city... and their partying with sailors.  my ultimate fantasy... sailors....seamen with semen

<-Richie-> heheheh

<-Richie-> cheeky boi

<-Richie-> well i got myself a sailor boy!!

<stcsoo> owen? a sailor?

<stcsoo> are you for real???

<-Richie-> yeah... he's ex navy

<-Richie-> :)

<stcsoo> *drool*

<stcsoo> i'm green with envy

<-Richie-> heheh

<stcsoo> i slept with an ex airforce guy, but he was only a supplier. and he couldn't fit in his uniform anymore cos that was 10 years ago

<-Richie-> hehehe... ive never seen him in his uniform... but he left about 10 years ago i think...

<-Richie-> but im sure he looked great

<stcsoo> he must...he looks great on his own already

<-Richie-> he still has his hat and few things

<stcsoo> hehe...hat and other stuff? gee sounds like accessories for the perfect kinky night

<-Richie-> hehehe

<stcsoo> what have you been doing?

<-Richie-> just work really... and helping my sis with her wedding stuff

<stcsoo> ooooooh wedding planning

<stcsoo> i love that

<-Richie-> hehehe

<stcsoo> how's it gonna be? big? small? white? garden? church? or my favourite, beachside

<-Richie-> owen and i have been designing the invite and stationary

<-Richie-> ah... average kinda wedding

<-Richie-> 80 ppl in a church then reception at local golf club

<-Richie-> typical aussie wedding

<stcsoo> fair. local golf club...nice green fields

<-Richie-> yeah... they're got a new club house... its beautiful

<stcsoo> 80 is small...

<stcsoo> something that never exists in asian families

<-Richie-> yeah... but it’s gonna be pretty low key

<stcsoo> i hate chinese weddings... it's big, noisy and expensive. AND it's full of greedy relatives who give crap presents and eat all the food. it's also really bitchy

<-Richie-> hehehe. im looking forward to it.. it should be a good nite

<stcsoo> it sounds like it's gonna be a perfect nite

<-Richie-> its a pitty i cant bring owen tho :(

<stcsoo> you can't bring owen? why?

<-Richie-> I cant make a scene... and both families are catholic. blah... blah...

<stcsoo> but i thought your family knew... and they like owen

<-Richie-> yeah... im out... but they havent met him yet... and meeting him at the reception is not a good idea. i dont want to ruin meg's special nite

<stcsoo> true but might i suggest asking owen to take time off to meet your family before so it would soften the blow before the wedding

<-Richie-> and paul (future bro in law)... although he accepts me... doesnt like it shoved in his face....

<stcsoo> oh ok... hard situation... i can see why you can't gradually intro owen to them especially so close to the wedding.

<-Richie-> yeah.... i wish it was easier... my sis just rang... and she's sending the invites out now...  and she's inviting one of my best friends as my partner... but sending the invite to her seperatly so there is now chance of me even having Richie & Friend :(

<stcsoo> oh man... that's harsh


Sorry. I know it's long and I didn't have anthing to write but I need opinions. Should Richie be allowed to bring his partner to the wedding? Or should he listen to his family and hide who he is for that one night? Personally, I feel that he should be allowed to bring his partner but keep a low profile. Also one more opinion, are military men HOT or what???


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